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Reunion 2010

News - 2012

 The Opelika Mill Village reunion was held on Saturday (10/20) at the Elks Club.  A large crowd turned out for a special occasion. 

Not sure when this picture was taken

West End School 2nd or 3rd grade class
(year unknown)

Front row: Brenda Knight, Marlene Cannon, Grace Stuart, Shirley Childs, Barbara Childs, Martha Hall, Marion Phelps, u/k, Carolyn Dean. 
Second Row: Larry Abernathy, Carolyn Rushing, Janice Jones, Pat Simpson, Maxine Askew, Shirley ____, Sandra Gatlin, Dot Bozeman, u/k, Louise Coleman, Winston Ballard.
Third row:  Richard Ward, Wayne Chance, Jimmy Banks, Billy Hawkins, u/k, Richard Bond, George Arwood, u/k, Bill Partridge, Donnie Griffin, Joe Rearden.

Sixth grade graduation class of 1946
Photo and information furnished by Minnie (Doe) Golden

Sixth grade graduating class of 1946 at the West End School -- (Some names are missing)

Back Row:  Connie Whitted, Betty Sue Woodall, U/K girl, U/K girl, Rendol Goodson, Mrs. Forte, 6th grade teacher, Billie Jean Timmons, Margaret Askew, U/K girl, U/K girl, U/K boy.

Front Row seated:  Left to right...U/K girl, U/K girl, Art Bledsoe, Nadine Greene, Judith Jones, Minnie Lou Golden


1948 5th Grade Class M. Snower School
Photo and information furnished by Arlee lovelady McCoy

Mrs. Cummings' 5th grade class at M. Snower School.

Front row:  Faye Bailey, Joyce Simpler, Betty Reddick, Mable Merritt, Margie Kirk, Dot Childs, Ann Mitchum, Betty _____, Charlene Bice or Rice?, U/K boy,
Row Two:  Gordon Hill ?, Bobby Strickland, U/K boy, U/K boy, U/K boy, Huey Mann, U/K boy, Jimmy Green, Carol Senn.
Back Row:  Frances Lankford ?, U/K girl, Alice Faye Lankford, U/K girl, U/K boy, Arlee Lovelady, U/K boy, Bobby Freeman, Billy Clark, Mrs. Cummings.

Submitted by Arlee Lovelady McCoy
    In 1948, I was a member of Mrs. Cummings' 5th grade class at Morris Snower Elementary School.  The thing I remember most about Mrs. Cummings was that she taught me to like to read books.  Each day after lunch, we had "quiet time" by putting our heads down on our desk or just listening while she read a book to us. 

Through the years, I found escape, adventure and sometimes romance on the pages of books.  I still love to read mysteries - mostly books by James Patterson, Pat Conroy and Nora Roberts.  But....I will never forget Mrs. Cummings and the fire she started in a child's soul who still loves to read.

Good teachers touch the future.
Arlee Lovelady McCoy


West End Grocery at Five Points (Old Mill)
Lonnie Harper, owner - Tom Evans at the cash register (year unknown)

Opelika Mill 1947

Old Mill Recreation Department c.1947
Midget Football team

The  images and articles are about the Old Mill recreation department, about 1947.  All of the content on this page was provided by Ray Huckaby, OHS Class of 1955.

are two of the most popular activities put on by the Opelika Textile Mill’s recreation department.  At upper left, a group of dancers are shown ‘swinging their partners’ at one of the regular Saturday night dances.  At upper right, Emmett Fields is at the mike doing the ‘calling’ while recreation director Don Bailey gets another platter ready for the dancers.  Bottom photo shows the ‘Midget’ football players, another activity of the program.

Midget football team

Front Row Left to Right:

Ray Huckaby, Dan Hood, Eugene Prickett, Bobby Scroggins, ?, Marion Hayes, ?, Thomas Griffin, Billy Buck, Buddy Griffin, Billy Clark, ?, Bobby Martin, Joe Henderson.

Back Row Left to Right:

Charles Truitt, ?, Paul Dennis, Jerry Meeks, Bobby Strickland, ?, Windfield Ray, Buddy Ballard, ?, George Meeks, ?, Larry Doby, Floyd Sanders, Clyde Ray.

Bottom Front:

Freddy Reddick with the football.


The following comments by Ray Huckaby and the Midgets.

This tough looking group of football players from the Opelika Mill Village were ready to take on the world.  We won the tag league the year before, and now had uniforms for the first time.  Our first game was a night game with Dixie Mills of La Grange, Georgia.  It was the first night game ever for us.  We played the straight T-formation, and started the game all right, and then the grass became wet from the dew, and we started to slip and slide down.  Our flat bottom tennis shoes would have worked better on a basketball court.  I became aware that half of the Dixie Mill team were playing in their bare feet.  I thought then that they didn’t have money to buy tennis shoes, but now I think it was because of the wet grass.  They had played on wet grass before.  I was the quarterback, and was having trouble getting the ball to the backs.  Those guys were jumping over our line and getting to me before I could hand the ball off.  I told the center to snap the ball through my legs to the fullback which was George Meeks.  So, while half of the Dixie Mill eleven was on top of me, thinking I had the ball, George made a touchdown around the right end.  That play only worked one time and we got beat pretty bad that night in Georgia.

Ray Huckaby


The following article appeared with the image above (1947)

Recreation Program at Mill Offers Activities To All Ages

Recreation for all ages is not just a slogan to residents of the Opelika Textile Mill Village--- its an accomplished fact.

Just rounding out its first year on a full time basis, the Opelika Textile Mill recreation program has averaged over 500 participants per week in its various activities according to the records of Director Don Bailey.

Don, a former Opelika Owl baseball star for three seasons and graduate of Auburn, handled the recreation activities for the company on a part time basis the early part of 1948 and took over the position of director last fall when the company officials decided to furnish its employees with a full time program.

At the beginning, most activities were centered around the Community House and the building was fixed up to provide all types of indoor games including ping-pong, pool cards, domino, dancing and others.

First supervised activity under the new program was touch football teams for the ‘midgets’ with basketball provided as the proper season approached.  Bingo games were begun in the community building on Saturday nights and the square dancing sessions were added to attract other age groups.  Volleyball also proved to be a good adult activity as the playground space around the building was put to use.

The square dances became so popular and the crowds so large that the activity was moved outside to the tennis court area during the summer and are still regular features of the program.

This Spring, Director Bailey again organized baseball teams and his men’s team competed in the State tournament in Talladega.  Now its football season again and the ‘midget’ teams are busy at practice on the gridiron.  They dropped their first encounter last week to the Dixie Mill eleven. 

A popular attraction for the young people has been the summer teen-age dances that have been sponsored by the department at the community house.

The Playground area near the mill is fully equipped with all types of playground equipment and plans are already in progress to equip another Area in the vicinity of the new apartments recently built in the village.

The playground equipment is almost in constant use.  “There’s hardly a time you can look out of the mill office and not see the boys and girls using the swings and other equipment.” States T. H. Floyd, manager of the company.

“We are 100 percent back of our recreation program’, said Mr. Floyd.  “Proper recreation activities are beneficial to all age groups and we are well pleased with the result of our program.”

Before the program was begun, kids, young people and some adults were often heard to remark ‘there’s nothing to do’.  The recreation program has given them ‘something to do’ and the participation records prove that they like it.


Old Mill Office
Old Mill Village - 1st Ave.

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