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There are about 25 classmates with e-mail addresses that visit often.  This site includes 30 personal webpages many with current “Mini Bios” of each classmate.  We also have several personal “Scrapbooks”.    Anyone with pictures from the class of 1952 high school days are encouraged to send them to be published on this website.  


A “Discount e-Store” is now available for you to shop.  The new website URL is:


This new site provides you with a shopping destination with over 3000 items at deep discount prices.  A large percentage of the profits will go to  a “Reunion Fund” for future class reunions.  I encourage you to use the company store (so to speak).  If you have yet to visit YOUR website, do so soon.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

In Memoriam

I am sad to report that since my last newsletter, we have lost more classmates.  Wildflowers were planted in Resurrection Garden to honor the life of:

Margaret Askew

Ray Tucker

Gaynell Spates – Deaves

A personal note from Jess


Ina and I have had a very good year.  In the last 12 months we have traveled to:  Prague, Vienna, and the Dominican Republic.  What a great time of life, to be healthy and being able to travel.  As you read this Christmas Greeting/Newsletter, we will be in Vienna enjoying the holidays with family and friends.  We are both looking forward to returning to Opelika in June for the 53rd class reunion. 


Jess (Arnold) Akins




 CLASS OF 1952

October 2003

Our continuing mission is to provide current information about our class members and their families. This Newsletter will be published quarterly, or as often as necessary to keep everyone informed about our activities. We hope to improve communications among our classmates.

To receive this newsletter by email, access our Autoresponder @:


The summer of 2003 was full of events for the class of 52. Many of us attended the long-awaited (51st) reunion. Which everyone agreed was a resounding success, and vowed to meet again in 2005. Ina and I really enjoyed the reunion and the trip to Opelika.

We have also located most of our classmates, many were not heard from in several years. We still have a few that we are unable to contact for various reasons. I ask your assistance in locating the following members.


June Thomas – Rogers

Charles James

Ray Tucker

Gaynell Macon

Minnie Conway


The July Newsletter was sent via snail mail to everyone on the class roster with the exception of those of you who have an email address. Newsletters to June Thomas-Rogers and Charles James were returned undeliverable. The last address for June Thomas-Rogers was in California. The last address for Charles James was in Alabama. Jeff Whatley sent me a note from his new address, as the newsletter was forwarded to him, and the class roster has been corrected. If you need a copy, just let me know.


On the website, I listed all the suggestions I received about the next reunion. I recently got an email from Nancy Henderson-McLeod, stating that she had no interest in attending a reunion that combined other OHS classes. You are encouraged to send me your comments and suggestions. I will pass them on to the organizing committee at the appropriate time.

I have no new information to report at this time. I was told that it is way too early to make any plans.  I will report reunion information as soon as it comes available.




The class website now has over 90 pages and about 160 images. We are getting a lot of visitors and comments from other classes.  We are fast becoming a “Destination Site” for people that no longer live in the Opelika area.

In addition to our young, attractive and interesting images from the 1952 Zig-Zag, we have included many images from classes 1950, 51, 53, 54 and 55. There is also a class reunion picture from classes 1946, 47 and 48 combined.

We have about 25 classmates with hyperlink email address on the class roster page, allowing visitors to send them an email. There are about 30 “personal webpages”, with current pictures, many with mini-bio’s outlining their activities since graduation. There are also several scrapbooks.

Kudo’s to Henry Stern (class of 1950) for his sharing of the many images of the Opelika area.  THANKS HENRY!

The total amount of space available on the website is 70 mgs. We are currently using a little over 63 mgs. Therefore, the amount of new Opelika area images will now be limited.  The current images of Opelika, Pepperell and the surrounding area will be rotated with newer images on a monthly or quarterly basis.  This will enhance our website and make it more interesting to visitors. There will ALWAYS be room for any member of the class to have their own personal webpage and/or scrapbook.  The website is YOURS, it was published for you, it is for your personal use, so visit when you can. If you would like a personal webpage or scrapbook, just contact the webmaster.

A new webpage, “What’s New”, is now posted on the navigation page of the website.  This will give you a list of new images or pages that have been added recently, and make the changes easier to find. No emails will be sent announcing new pages or changes.




This section is devoted to recent information about some of our classmates.


Bob Boland reports on his grandson, Dustin.

“My grandson, Dustin, who is age 15 won the Gold metal for racquetball for 15 and also 16 and under in the Georgia Junior Olympic Summer Games.  I also believe it is very important to teach your children and grandchildren sports that they can use all the rest of there lives. In fact it is never too late.  I started playing handball and racquetball at age 28 and my bride Margie started at 67 and  we both are in the best physical condition  now since we were young.” Bob





Some Closing Comments

I would like to express my thanks to the people (requested to remain anomyous) that helps me with proofreading the text of this newsletter. I am grateful for their efforts. I am sure that I speak for the entire class of 1952.


IF you have an item that you would like to see published in this newsletter, please send your requests to: NEWSLETTER, PO Box 2033 Cinnaminson, New Jersey 08077. You can also email your comments to: .



See you in 2005??


Jess Akins – Publisher